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Why us?

We possess the know-how from the domain of local and international accounting practices. We cooperate with important institutions in the country, at the national level regarding accounting, dues and entrepreneurship in general.

We offer you a complete range of professional accounting services, tax optimisation and communication services with tax authorities and harmonisation of regular taxpayers’ liabilities with the Law.

With expert advice, we enable you to reduce the costs of doing business. As part of our business service, we are with you from the very beginning (establishment) both as an accountant and as an associate who performs administrative, business and financial advisory services for you, and thus we confirm once again that our knowledge saves your money and your time.

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Meet our select team

Tatjana Šćepanović
Iva Rečević
Accounting-operative advisor
Ana Smolović
Accounting-operative associate
Nina Maraš
Accounting-financial associate
Maja Sekulić
Tax and finance advisor
Bojana Lalović
Accounting-operative associate
Milena Kruščić
Marketing manager
Radmila Đurišić
Legal advisor

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In CEO’s words:

From the very beginning, we have been recognised as a steady partner and support in running a business. The wide range of services we provide has contributed to this impression, as well as the fact that we are a reliable, loyal and professional partner to our clients.

Our team participates in all national and regional conferences that follow tax regulations. Via active associations, we contribute with proposals for amendments to laws and other regulations.

Our mission is to be a reliable partner and support for your business.

High-quality provision of accounting services based on skills and qualifications of our economists must be a pillar of our future success.

In order to be able to offer complex solutions, we strive to expand our field of activity, and cooperate with reputable business, tax, financial and legal advisors, both in Montenegro and beyond our borders.

We organise teams of our economists and external associates who ensure immediate action and provide accounting and consulting services of the highest ethical and professional standard.


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