Award for the best woman in the region for financial consulting

October from other months this year was something special for Economic Team. The
executive director Tatjana Šćepanović, this year had a pleasure to be a part of the event
which was held in Belgrade on 24 october and be choose for „The best woman of the

The association of the most successful businessmen of the 21st century exists as a
manifestation since 2000 and has been awarding awards in the fields of
entrepreneurship, politics, medicine, sports, media, entertainment and others for 22

The nomination was made on the recommendation of business associates, and based
on the submitted documentation and the vote of a wide audience, the executive director
of "Economic Team", Tatjana Šćepanović, won first place in the category of
entrepreneurship, and for the field of corporate-tax-business consulting.Great effort and
investment in business always pays off, as we have proven in the past few years. This
is just one of the crowns we have won. It is precisely that effort, dedication, and great
love for this job that has led to such a great recognition.

"This regional award means a lot to me, because every confirmation of quality
compensates us for the great sacrifice we have to make in our private life, for the sake
of business success." My greatest success is that I am fulfilled as a mother, I do a job
that I love very much and I have a healthy family and friends that I can rely on." -
Tatjana Šćepanović


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